Video Enhancement Demos

Below we show you what we can do to enhance your videos.

By using high end GPUs and artificial intelligence alongside the best software for video enhancing, nothing is a challenge. Take a look at our video enhancing techniques and what we can do for you.

Possibly one of the oldest movies in the public domain, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz from 1910. We took the original video, as you can see on the left, blurry and black and white. Using Ultra AI transcoding and the colourisation plugin, we transform the movie into colour at 4K resolution. You can see the side by side improvement. It’s not fantastic by any means, however, this project was really pushing the system to the limit using a video that is over 114 years old! You can check the full length edit on Youtube here Enjoy!

Black & White Short Videos to Colour

We took a black and white video from Pexels. Colourisation is used to transcode this videos into colour, with artificial intelligence and upscaling to 4K. You can see the original video on the left and the colourised video on the right.

Old War Footage “Landings on ‘Queen Red’ Beach | D-Day 6 June 1944 | IWM”

We took an old war footage video from IWM at a frame rate of 29fps, black & white. We improved the clarity to 4K, extending the frame rate to 60fps and colourised the output. This is only a 24 second video but took around 10 hours to complete due to the steps it took for the final cut. First we de-noise followed by increasing clarity by converting the video to 4K and afterwards, colourising the video and using Ultra AI technology for added clarity.

Security Camera Footage Correction with Facial Enhancement

You may need a service that can correct a blurred face on security camera footage. We took another video from Pexels which has a blurred image of a man. You can see in the video below how we can recognise the face early on in the footage and create an almost identical image of the face. Our system uses AI Learning to correct blurred security camera footage.

Bring Life to your Old Super 8 Home Movies

We took a black and white low quality Super 8 movie and upscaled it to 4K with colourisation. We can bring your old home movies to life using artificial intelligence and high end GPUs.

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